"Preparation Through Proper Training"

Retail Security Training

Retail theft for security officers

While security officers receive basic law instruction upon entering the profession,

many officers are assigned to retail locations where retail theft is the most prevalent infraction.

Through this concentrated course, security officers will learn to become specialists in detecting, deterring and apprehending the offenders of Retail Theft.

Security officers attending this program will learn to:

  • Identify the various elements of retail theft

  • Detect ant-theft-protection devices employed by retail theft suspects

  • Learn local statistics on retail theft and commonalities amongst offenders

  • Preserving evidence of retail theft

  • Writing proper reports to assist responding police officers in forming PC for lawful arrest

  • Illinois Vehicle Code for security officers

    Security officers often bear witness to vehicle code offenses that originate within a parking lot or gated community.

    While not empowered by statue to make vehicle stops, security officers can take swift action by documenting vehicle code infractions for administrative actions.

    Through this 8-hour course, security officers will learn an overview of the Illinois Vehicle Code and enforcement action taken by police officers.

    Security officers attending this program will learn:

  • Driverís license, State ID and registration laws

  • Equipment requirements

  • Chapter 11, Rules of the Road

  • DUI Laws

  • Interviews and interrogations

    Before security officers notify police, they often must conduct brief interviews of suspects accused of crimes such as retail theft.

    In other instances, security officers conduct internal investigations of rules violations such as theft or misconduct within companies or educational institutions.

    Through specialized training, students attending this program will learn:

  • The difference between interviews and interrogations

  • Techniques to employ during each

  • Verbal and non-verbal cues of deception

  • Using proxemics and personal space to question suspects

  • Ethical practices of interviews/interrogations

  • Public Speaking Engagements

    We can arrange to have one of our instructors (or even our Chief Instructor and Founder) arrange Private Consultation...

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    Perc Card & Fingerprints are Not Included. Fingerprints will be no more than $50.00 and Perc Card will be no more than $55.00 ....

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    Finger Printing

    Live Scan Finger Printing $60.00

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