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Basic Auto Theft for Security Officers

Security officers encounter hundreds, if not thousands, of motor vehicles while performing routine duties such as patrolling parking lots of shopping centers and residential complexes.

On diverse occasions, security officers are required to search vehicles prior to entry of government facilities and transportation centers.

With specialized training, security officers could be the link in detecting stolen motor vehicles and communicating their findings to police agencies.

Security officers attending this program will be able to:

  • Recognize techniques used by felons to steal vehicles

  • Identify methods to detect stolen vehicles, including recoveries

  • Verify vehicle title information

  • Conduct basic vehicle theft investigations

  • Employ methods to detect an altered manufacturer’s VIN

  • Use the NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau) manual as an investigative tool

  • Basic crisis intervention for security officers

    In Hollywood movies, police operations are often put on hold until a hostage/crisis negotiator arrives on the scene.

    After that, all other personnel are pushed aside. In real life, this couldn’t be further from what actually occurs.

    Trained hostage negotiators rely on various personnel regardless of their mission at the scene.

    Police negotiators are trained to keep the hostage taker talking to anyone with whom he has established rapport, whether this is a civilian or a security officer

    In this course, security officers will receive an overview of hostage/crisis negotiations and how to contain, isolate and negotiate with hostage takers before police personnel arrive on scene.

    Security officers attending this program will learn:

  • Recognition of various types of criminals and groups who take hostages

  • Recognition of types of mental illnesses that can precipitate a hostage incident

  • Various available options that can safely and successfully conclude such a situation
  • An understanding of the team concept, as used in these situations

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    Additional Courses2

    Security officers encounter hundreds, if not thousands, of motor vehicles while performing routine duties such as patrolling parking lots ...

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    Perc Card & Fingerprints are Not Included. Fingerprints will be no more than $50.00 and Perc Card will be no more than $55.00 ....

    CPR and First Aid

    Red Cross Community CPR (Adult w/ AED, Infant, Child) - 6 hours or 2 three hour sessions...

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    Retail Security Training

    We train prospects and turn them into complete Security Professionals able to handle situations in a professional and balanced manner.

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    20 Hour Basic Security

    Unarmed Security Officer Ceritfication Course. This course meets the requirements of The Department of Professional Regulation ....

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    Public Speaking Engagements

    We can arrange to have one of our instructors (or even our Chief Instructor and Founder) arrange Private Consultation...

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    20 Hour Firearms

    Armed Security Officer Cerification Course. Armed officers in Illinois need 40 hours of instruction in order to be certified by ...

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    Conceal Carry

    We keep current on the "Conceal Carry" laws in the Mid-West and across the country and can provide proper information large or small.

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    Finger Printing

    Live Scan Finger Printing $60.00

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