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Domestic violence for security officers

Whether in a shopping center or an office complex, security officers may be witness to domestic violence.

How will a security officer know the difference between an actual crime in progress or a couple having a simple argument?

Domestic violence calls are the most dangerous for police officers and hold equal danger for security officers performing their duties.

Security officers attending this program will learn to:

  • Recognize the elements of the offense of domestic battery.

  • Identify the indications of possible domestic abuse.

  • Identify available alternatives for assistance to battered spouses.

  • Identify the elements of an order of protection.

  • Identify the requirements to notify police when violations of orders of protection have occurred

  • Document their findings for the assistance of responding police officers

  • Fraudulent documents for security officers

    Security officers handle various instruments of identification when controlling access to buildings or facilities.

    Officers are most commonly trained to look only for a photo and an expiration date to confirm the validity of an ID.

    How would a security officer know if the ID submitted were completely false?

    Through this specialized course, security officers will:

  • Study ways to verify authentic forms of identification,
    including State of Illinois driver’s licenses and state ID cards,
    US Passports and Alien Registration (“green”) cards.

  • Learn about Social Security Numbers and how to detect fraudulent SSN numbers

  • Learn to use ultra-violet lights and magnifying glasses to view hidden security features on various government documents.

  • This course is a MUST for any security officer whose job entails access control to critical areas.

    Retail Security Training

    We train prospects and turn them into complete Security Professionals able to handle situations in a professional and balanced manner.

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    Perc Card & Fingerprints are Not Included. Fingerprints will be no more than $50.00 and Perc Card will be no more than $55.00 ....

    CPR and First Aid

    Red Cross Community CPR (Adult w/ AED, Infant, Child) - 6 hours or 2 three hour sessions...

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    Additional Courses

    Security officers encounter hundreds, if not thousands, of motor vehicles while performing routine duties such as patrolling parking lots ...

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    20 Hour Basic Security

    Unarmed Security Officer Ceritfication Course. This course meets the requirements of The Department of Professional Regulation ....

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    Public Speaking Engagements

    We can arrange to have one of our instructors (or even our Chief Instructor and Founder) arrange Private Consultation...

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    20 Hour Firearms

    Armed Security Officer Cerification Course. Armed officers in Illinois need 40 hours of instruction in order to be certified by ...

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    Conceal Carry

    We keep current on the "Conceal Carry" laws in the Mid-West and across the country and can provide proper information large or small.

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    Finger Printing

    Live Scan Finger Printing $60.00

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